Equity, Diversity and Inclusion



Napa Valley Youth Symphony is committed to creating an organization that values diversity, equity and inclusion and offers unlimited full tuition and lesson scholarships. Cost should never be a barrier to participation.



Our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion committee is 15 people strong representing parents, staff, and musicians, as well as diverse in age, race, ethnicity, and gender. In our second meeting we talked about importance of making NVYS a musical home where everyone feels a sense of belonging. Each month we meet to identify events and programs to create a more welcoming and inclusive community. Committee members take turns share their own culture by sharing food, a holiday or a custom with the group.

We began our work with Scansion Consulting who engaged a small group of staff, musicians and board members in a EDI feedback session. We just completed our organizational survey asking for insight into how NVYS approaches Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and are reviewing the results. We are now entering into our Envisioning Phase where we will map out our 5 year EDI plan.

Thank you to the League of American Orchestra's for our 3-year Catalyst Grant which support our EDI work. More to come!