Our Commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

Napa Valley Youth Symphony is committed to creating an organization that values diversity, equity and inclusion. We offer tuition and lesson scholarships. We believe that cost should never be a barrier to participation.



Are you eager to learn more about our audition process, rehearsal schedule, program requirements and performances? Join us for our during one of our upcoming Audition Workshops! We are holding 2024/2025 Season Auditions four times during the season. Complete an AUDITION WORKSHOP FORM HERE to get started on your musical journey with us!



Join us for our 2024/2025 Season Auditions. They will be held on:

  • April 28th, 2024
  • August 25th, 2024
  • January 12th, 2025
  • April 27th, 2025


Auditions are open to all young musicians, ages 10-18, with at least 2 years of public or private music instruction. Please see the minimum SKILL REQUIREMENTS FOR AUDITIONS below for each ensemble.


To submit an audition request form CLICK HERE.


Want to learn more about how to audition? Attend our Audition Workshop and watch this Audition Workshop Video!


Skills Requirements for Auditions



Student musicians auditioning for Sinfonia must prepare: a) one one-octave scale, b) a solo demonstrating their highest technical level, and c) ability to play a sight-reading excerpt (provided at the audition) to demonstrate music literacy. In addition the following abilities will make student musicians strong members of our ensemble:



  1. Good basic string tone and technique

  2. Accurately read whole, half, quarter and eighth notes and dotted rhythms

  3. Familiarity with scales and keys of C, G, D and A (concert pitch) as well as flatted notes (low first and second finger on violin and viola; extended first finger on cello)

  4. Execution of the following techniques: arco, pizzicato, legato, staccato, portato, tie, slur, fermata, accent, dynamics (pp - ff)



  1. Good breath support, embouchure and tone

  2. Accurately read whole, half, quarter and eighth notes and dotted rhythms in a variety of articulations

  3. Familiarity with these keys and scales: B-flat, F, C, G, D

  4. Ability to play a one-octave chromatic scale (two-octave for Flute/Clarinet)



We are not currently accepting Audition Requests for Bridge in 2024/2025.


Youth Symphony

Student musicians auditioning for Youth Symphony must prepare: a) two three-octave scales solo demonstrating their highest technical level, b) an excerpt (see audition packet), and c) ability to a sight-reading advanced excerpt (provided at the audition) to demonstrate music literacy. 

  1. Ability to use 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions 
  2. All major/minor scales – major and minor (Two octaves for basses, winds, brass; three octaves for violins, violas and cello)

  3. Ability to produce excellent tone quality at all dynamics with a variety of articulations

    1. Strings: Knowledge and execution of the following bow techniques: detache, portato, tremolo, martele, staccato, hooked bowing and spiccato.  

  4. Ability to contribute musically to performances of major orchestral works

  5. Ability to read music fluently and accurately perform rhythms including eighth notes, sixteenth notes, syncopation and triplets.

  6. Good intonation throughout range of instrument and in all keys

  7. Strings: Ability to read and play in 3rd and 4th position

  8. Winds/Brass: three-octave chromatic scales

  9. Percussion: Demonstrate any of the Percussive Arts Society’s 40 rudiments. See


Chamber Ensemble 

Student musicians auditioning for Chamber Ensemble must be Youth Symphony members in good standing and receive a recommendation from Youth Symphony Conductor for audition. Youth Symphony member must prepare: a) five-octaves major and minor scales; and a 5-10 minute solo demonstrating their highest technical level. 


For more information about audition requirements, skill requirements and excerpts go here.