Be Social!

Taking it online. We won’t let a little social distancing stop the music. Zoom rehearsals start Sunday!
Juliana, Soren and Luke hit the stage February 9, 3 pm at Lincoln Theater. Tix here:
NVYS is Vienna-bound to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth. Check out pianist Igor Levit who’s all about Beethoven at #tinydeskconcert
Ida, Jasmin and Jessica killing it on The Vine. Want to see them live? Go to
Check out our Performer’s Institute starting Sunday Oct 27! If you like to perform this is for you!
Day in the bay with Blue Angels overhead for our auction winners!
Getting our tour on. Only 255 days until we are in Prague (but who’s counting).
Congrats to NVYS’s own Lena Demsky, NHS Homecoming Princess!

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